Ushering in the New Year with the Water Repentance Sutra Adaptation

On 12 and 13 Jan, 2013, Tzu Chi Singapore held four sessions of the Year-End Blessing Ceremony at Kallang Theatre with the Water Repentance Sutra Adaptation as its main highlight. This is the first time that close to 800 volunteers from the branch’s three community zones (North, South and East) came together to present the sutra adaptation. With over three months of intensive practice, the sutra adaptation was put on stage as well as downstage by a great number of volunteers to form a solemn Sea of Dharma.


The Awakened Soul – From Bad to Good

“Incorrigible, rotten and hopeless” are the three words Sister Angelina Lee used to describe her ninth brother, Lee Teck Hock’s past behaviour.

But now, at age 52, Lee Teck Hock is a changed man. Everyone in his family is extremely delighted to note his drastic change. No one could ever imagine that he could change for the better after so many years of bad deeds he committed, and the pain that he had caused his family. “Now, I see a 360-degree change in him,” said his youngest sister.


Rediscovering Compassion — The Story of Raymond Koh

Tzu Chi volunteer Raymond Koh used to work in a butcher factory, and for more than 20 years, he had to kill many animals on a daily basis. It is totally inconceivable that he has now quit his job as a butcher, and is now a vegetarian, even taking a vow in public to quit his tens of years of negative habituations.