Be a Volunteer


Joining Tzu Chi to Serve as Bodhisattvas

Serving as living bodhisattvas around the world, Tzu Chi volunteers can be found wherever help is needed; they travel great distances and overcome challenges and obstacles to bring timely relief to the suffering. The volunteers give of themselves selflessly and even thank those they have helped to show their gratitude for having the opportunity to serve. Devoting themselves to accomplishing their missions, the volunteers derive the great joy of Dharma through the work they do.

“Blessed are those who give” - it is through giving that we can cultivate blessings and grow in wisdom. We invite you to come and join Tzu Chi as a donating member and volunteer.

Donating Member
* Donations of any amount will be accepted with gratitude. Small acts of kindness can make a big difference to the lives of others.

Home Visit Volunteer
* Home visit volunteers make regular visits to the needy, providing help and support to the poor, sick and elderly.

Medical Volunteer
* Professional medical volunteers safeguard the health and lives of residents in the community through offering medical care services and promoting preventive medicine.

Education Volunteer
* Education volunteers inculcate moral values and develop wholesome characters in the young ─ from kindergarten to college level students ─ through the use of Jing Si Aphorisms, stories, fun activities, etc.

Recycling Volunteer
*The aim of recycling volunteers is to protect the Earth. They collect and sort recyclables, and promote the message of living a simple life to conserve the Earth’s resources.

Jing Si Bookstore Volunteer
* Volunteers at the bookstore promote Tzu Chi’s humanistic culture through print and audio-visual publications.

Cooking/General Affairs/ Logistics/Transportation Volunteer
* Volunteers facilitate Tzu Chi’s activities through contributing their help in the various ways.

Writing/Translation/Photography/Video Recording/Art & Design Volunteer
* Volunteers document, record, and share inspiring Tzu Chi stories and events with others.

IT volunteer
* IT volunteers make use of modern technology to enable the Dharma to become more widespread and accessible to the community.

You are welcome to contact us at 6582 9958 (Mon – Fri 10am-6pm) or visit Jing Si Hall at 9 Elias Road, Singapore 519937.